Many organizations today are faced with a rapidly changing reality, and with dynamic changes in their work environment. As a result, managers and employees are forced to adopt and develop new approach and tools that allow them to cope effectively. This workshop offers a unique approach to face challenges and needs, in complete darkness and with unconventional methods instructed by a blind staff member.

The broad variety of activities offered in the Nalaga’at Center, hold a unique opportunity to experience and process the necessary concepts and skills in executive functioning:
– Management and interfaces without authority
– Staff development
– Decision-making in terms of uncertainty
– Managing and leading change processes
– Initiation and mentoring
– Service – customer experience
– Feedback and evaluating employees

The workshop is delivered by Kimeldorfer-Alon, a vastly experienced organizational development advisers company with extensive experience in executive training, in collaboration with blind guides and/or visually impaired employees of Nalaga’at Center. The sessions are taught in Hebrew and English and are suitable for all layers of management in any organization.

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לפרטים והזמנות לקבוצו

לפרטים והזמנות לקבוצות

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