The Na Laga’at workshop center plays an important role in expanding the circle of exposure to issues facing the world of sense impairment. The center holds a large number of workshops, partially in complete darkness, all of them are led by deaf or hearing impaired, blind or visually impaired moderators. This is  out of the belief that direct and informal contact is the key for designing thoughts and creating a true change in society.

We see great importance in teaching our content both in primary and secondary schools, and therefore developing and empowering the important dialogue between different communities and bridging the socio-cultural gap, all while accepting the differences with all of its strengths and not its weaknesses. This is a true learning experience.

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star All of the workshops are performed by deaf and blind moderators employed by the center who inspire thoughts of man's strength and his ability to overcome every obstacle in an amazing manner.

Activity halls in the center:

All of the workshops are performed by professional staff combined of deaf and blind moderators employed by the center

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