Workshops - Nalagaat

THE NALAGA’AT WORKSHOP CENTER was founded upon the belief that experience and experimentation are the best ways to be exposed to new angles of thought and understanding towards behavioral change.





What do we offer? A variety of workshops for different audiences, giving once in a lifetime opportunities to get to know yourself and your peers in different environments, offering hands on, experiential, enriching experiences, delivered in enjoyable methods.

Who are the target audiences: The Nalaga’at Workshop Center is open to all audiences as we believe in adapting each program and its content to the needs of any group:

– Youth in formal and informal education organizations and programs.

– Teachers and students.

– Youth councils and special empowerment groups.

– Executives and staff of organizations and businesses.Youth movements.

– Private groups and special events.

Our Staff:  all of the workshops are conducted by a professional team, deaf or blind employees of the Nalaga’at center. The direct encounter with our staff is inspiring and gives much food for thought about the power of the human spirit, and how it can overcome any obstacle.

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The activity spaces in the Center:

– The “Blackout” Dark Restaurant – a completely dark space that simulates a mode of blindness, allowing the body and mind to release inhibitions and sharpen other senses such as hearing, touch, taste and smell. Activities in “Blackout” give the participants the opportunity to disconnect from the everyday visual stimulations surrounding them and fully engage in the workshop’s goals.

– The Theater stage – the world’s unique professional theater of original productions with ensembles of deaf-blind actors (dual disability). In the workshops, we use the stage as a tool for developing skills and experiences.

– Backstage actor’s room.  – An opportunity to peek behind the curtain of the theater and meet the actors.

– Workshop space – A professional and well-equipped room, allowing dialogue, learning and experiences.

We believe that no frame should be a border, and invite you to experience our workshop center for any social event, activity, initiative, or conference!