Na Laga’at is a non-profit cultural and arts center, unique in the entire world. The center is home to the Na Laga’at Theater, BlackOut Dark Restaurant, Kapish event center and workshops center.

Na Laga’at presents an innovative model in every facet of integrating people with disabilities in society, and provides an equal stage for meeting between deaf, blind and those that are both deaf and blind and the wide public.

We are happy to invite you to a unique artistic experience that includes a varied cultural journey that will cause you to feel like you have never felt before.


Our vision

The Na Laga’at Center, a stage for culture and the arts, creates and advances an equal and leading dialogue for social change with the belief in the spirit of mankind and its ability to reach out and make a change.

Values: Openness, tolerance and acceptance of difference, in others and in ourselves.
Prosperity: The cultural and arts center supplies to the wide public an empowering experience
Leading model: Presenting a model for integrating people with disabilities into society, in Israel and the world.

Please Meet- The Nalaga'at staff


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We need you with us!
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