Kapish Event Center - Nalagaat
Kapish Event Center

We are pleased to invite you to our stylish event venue, offering a variety of appetizing dishes, fine coffee and…out of the ordinary communication experience.

Café Kapish can host a wide range of special events, such as corporate events, family gatherings, product launching, seminars and workshops for private or large audiences. With its lovely design, its location at the Jaffa port, and its very special ambiance, Café Kapish turns every event into a true celebration.

The deaf and hearing-impaired waiters of Café Kapish will engage in a dialogue with you in sign language. You shall be amazed to find out how pleasant and easy communicating without words can be and how your event can soon turn to an ‘out of this world’ experience.

Café Kapish is one of the three outstanding experiences offered to the visitors of the “Nalaga’at” Center. The Center – the first of its kind in the world, seeks to promote interaction between deaf-blind, deaf, and blind individuals and people able to hear and see, regardless of cultural or social distinctions.

Celebrate your unforgettable event with us.

For more information contact: group1@nalagaat.org.il  +972-3-6330818


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