For the first time in the world! – Exciting audio production with advanced 8D technology. The audience listens through headphones to the recorded performance in total darkness and experiences it as if it were happening around them.

“There Is Someone Else in the Room” tells the story of five characters from the top of Israeli society: a senior police officer, an international artist who won the Israel Prize, a former iconic entertainment star, the leading neuroscientist in the Arab sector, and the high-tech expert who made a million worth exit. They were all invited to the dark room by a mysterious millionaire for an exclusive concept event. What the guests do not know, is that they have been invited to the event to confront the big secret they are hiding – the murder they had committed in their past.

Who is that mysterious millionaire and why did he initiate the crazy event? Will any of the guests survive? And, apart from the audience sitting in the dark, is there anyone else in the room?

“There Is Someone Else in the Room” is a recent and modern adaptation of the immortal work of the author Agatha Christie “And Then There Were None” recorded with innovative sound technology that allows the audience a powerful and realistic listening experience. The audience is in the same place where the event was recorded and experiences it like the characters themselves, for its excitement, tension and mystery.

Created by Or Mazza and Alexa Lerner

In the voices of: Guy Lowell, Sarah von Schwarz, Gil Frank, Haim Zanati, Salva Nakara, David Bilanka, Suliman Husaisey and Yiftah Kaminer.

Duration: about an hour and a half
Language: Hebrew

Recommended age: 16+


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