Classic Menu

    Main course

    Fish & chips – fresh salmon fish coated in panko and togarashi with butter potato fries. Served with garlic aioli sauce and special pickles.

    Fish burger – steamed bun with salmon hamburger, tomato, purple onion, lettuce, and pickles. Served with sweet potato fries in tempura and BBQ aioli dip.

    G Roasted salmon fillet – in mustard and sesame coating. Served with vegetable salad – lettuce, carrot, cherry tomatoes and small radishes in orange vinaigrette, and potato & sweet potato gratin.

    G Roasted white fish fillet –  erved on mashed potatoes alongside green beans and bell peppers.

    4-cheese tortellini – in cream, parmesan & roquette sauce. Served with colorful beets and a bit of chili oil.

    V Stir-fried Thai noodles – mildly spiced udon noodles (wheat), cabbage, carrot, shiitake, portobello & champignon mushrooms, bok choy, tamarind sauce, coconut cream, fresh coriander, and caramelized cashews.

    VO Mushroom & chestnut gnocchi – parmesan, roasted almonds, and truffle oil.

    Fettuccine in pesto cream sauce – served with pine nuts, mushrooms, and zucchini, embellished with parmesan.

    V Pumpkin ravioli – filled with mushrooms and spinach, served with roasted pumpkin sauce and seasoned with smoked paprika, pumpkin seeds and vegan parmesan.

    Surprise (vegetarian) – Let us surprise you with a special vegetarian dish.

    Surprise (fish) – Let us surprise you with a special fish delicacy.


    New York cheesecake – served with seasonal fruits.

    G Jaffa muhallebi – topped with peanuts, coconut, and rose syrup.

    Tiramisu – mascarpone cream with ladyfingers dipped in espresso and cocoa powder.

    G Belgian chocolate mousse –  dark chocolate and brandy, served with amaretto whipped cream, chocolate crunch, and caramelized cashew crumbs.

    Kadaif – pistachio cream served with seasonal fruit and caramelized pistachios.

    V Chocolate bar – dark chocolate cream with hazelnuts.

    Surprise! – Let us surprise you with a special treat!

    The meal includes: BLACKOUT’s special bread, a main course, and dessert

    Prices do not include service fees

    V – Vegan  | VO – Vegetarian option  | G – Gluten-free

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