Blackout Dark Restaurant | Nalagaat Center, Jaffa Port

BlackOut Restaurant invites you to an exceptional culinary experience that will trigger your senses.

In total darkness you will be served various dishes, escorted by blind waiters.

When the eyes do not engage in the eating process, one’s ability to taste and smell food sharpens. There is so much to be “seen” when eyes are closed…

Dining at BlackOut is one of the three outstanding experiences offered to the visitors of the “Nalaga’at” Center. The Center – the first of its kind in the world, seeks to promote interaction between deaf-blind, deaf, and blind individuals and people able to hear and see, regardless of cultural or social distinctions.

We shall be pleased to see you among our guests.

Online article about the restaurant at (in hebrew): Eyes Wide Open

Kosher-Dairy Restaurant



Make reservations to the Blackout restaurant:

Call +972-3-6330808 ext.1 or email

Please indicate name, phone number, number of people and requested date and time.

Activity Hours: 

Restaurant is open Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and holds two seetings – 6:30pm and 9:00pm.

Sending an email does not constitute a reservation! One of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

Lunch is available at any time for groups of 25+ people. For more details: