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Na Laga’at (“Please Touch” in Hebrew), a non-profit organization, has been engaged for years in ‘touching’ people. Our cultural center arranges meetings between people with sensory disabilities and the general public. These days, due to the war in Israel, we cannot host audiences in the various activities at the Na Laga’at Center, but we do not give up on ‘touching’ Israeli society. Our team is involved with various initiatives to help the soldiers and the home front.

Served with Love: hot meals for soldiers and evacuees
Na Laga’at’s team of cooks and staff, along with other volunteers, run Na Laga’at’s kosher kitchen to prepare fresh meals for soldiers and evacuees. We take care of the procurement of food and equipment, preparation of meals, packaging and transportation.
Our team prepares hundreds of meals daily at a cost of 2 USD per meal. To donate to the project, please visit the campaign page on the JGive website. The demand is high. Every donation feeds someone affected by the war.

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For donations of packaging equipment and food ingredients, please contact Oren Itzhaki, Executive Director of Na Laga’at, at oreni@nalagaat.org.il or by phone at 050-8375113.

Signing with Children: Israeli sign language workshops with deaf instructors
Na Laga’at sign language instructors visit various hotels to lift the spirits of children evacuated from southern Israel. For requests for activities for evacuees, please contact Ms. Yaara Katalan, Events and Production Manager, via text or WhatsApp messages only at 053-9631144.

Cooperation with Aleh: Assistance for the blind and visually impaired
Na Laga’at collaborates with the Aleh Association to alleviate loneliness and help people with blindness and visual impairments. The Aleh Association, which helps the blind and visually impaired in Israel, has established a number of support services for blind and visually impaired people of all ages, from children to the elderly, throughout the country. The association calls on both people in need of assistance and volunteers willing to help blind and visually impaired people to contact Mr. Moshe Mashraki at 050-7679208, by phone call or WhatsApp message. The Na Laga’at team calls on you to join us in helping the Aleh Association, which needs us at this time.

Emergency Support for People with Disabilities
Mr. Mohamed Shaqqur, Na Laga’at’s Accessibility Coordinator, is available to answer questions related to accessibility in times of emergency by calling 052-3992727.

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