Original show combining movement, video, and performance, composed of five personal works inspired by the participating actors, and expressing their multiple identities.


Tayyeb Badwe – Currently studying for a B.Ed. in special education. Tayeb and his twin brother are deaf from birth. Growing up in Kfar Kassem he performed on stage in various shows.

Yaroslav Bernatsky – Grew up in Kaliningrad in Russia, now lives in Tel Aviv. Attended a school for deaf children. Loves to dance, perform, and film and edit videos.

Ariella Toholov – Visually impaired from birth, now almost completely blind. Leads an independent life, assisted by Alex, her seeing-eye dog. In recent years she has discovered her passion for the performing arts, which she works to realize day after day.

Sol Gabriel-Tal – Visually impaired due to an eye disease that has worsened since 2016. Lives in Tel Aviv and fulfills his love for the performing arts at Na Laga’at.

Mordy Weis – Deafblind, made aliya from the US over a decade ago. Actor at the Na Laga’at Theater for the past few years, starring in ‘Edgar’.

About 60 minutes

Set & costume design: Dina Konson | Music: Alon Peretz | Music Editing Emanuella Amichai | Video design: Yaara Nirel | Video Concept Emanuella Amichai | Lighting design: Lior Hoffman | Director assistant: Shira Sofer

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