What is the relationship between communication, love, language, community, men, women, relationships, parenting and friendship and our individual identity?

Sarah Norman’s refusal, as a janitor in a school of the deaf, to use her voice, and her insistence to communicate only by signing, places James, a young and ambitious teacher and speech therapist in the school before a huge challenge. This challenge leads to a surprising and sensitive love story through the years.

Inside this story are interlaced the stories of additional characters, both hearing and non-hearing, and together, they tell a complex story that confronts the audience with sensitive, social and communication questions, that are a part of our daily reality.

The show is recommended for age 14 and older.


Production Mark Medoff | Translation Ido Riklin | Director Noam Shmuel | Set design Natasha Tuchman Polyak | Costume design Aviah Bash | Music Eyal Wise | Movement design Mor Leedor | Lighting design Ziv Voloshin | Assistant director Noa Yanai

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