Through the Spirit - Nalagaat



Through the Spirit

A show with an ensemble of deaf-blind actors (with dual disability)

The government has decided to conduct a scientific research that examines the capabilities of people with disabilities. Do they fit for a job that is not especially optimized for them? Can they integrate into the economy and increase productivity?

During their attempts to join the workforce, we are slowly being exposed to the desires, dreams, struggles and comporomises of people with disabilities.

In it’s new original production, Na Laga’at theatre reveals the complex processes that occur on stage. It uses an alternative approach that combines visual and physical theatre with circus arts and tactile sign language. This theatrical language puts the deaf-blind in the center and along with their interpreters and seeing-hearing actors, enables them to become a communicative work of art.

Director – Moshe Malka

Creator of “Zitz” visual-physical theatre language, Director and writer of Israeli-Ethiopian theatre ensemble “Hullegeb”

Subtitles in Russian, English and Arabic are available on demand

Writer/Director: Moshe Malka | Music: Eldad Lidor | Lighting Design: Shahar Verkarzon |
Costume & Set Design: Nava Shtar | Animation: Moshe Atar | Production: Michal Zahavy |
Production Assistant: Rotem Ivgy | Tech: Nitzan Shaked, Hashi Gilad Yakont

Actors: Vered Gilboa, Amjad Ibrahim, Shafik Ibrahim, Majdi Jazmaui, Aiman Muhajner, Mila Mitibienko, Daniel Fahima.

Actors/Interpreters: Gili Bet Halahmi, Iliya Zibolotski, Shiri Shachar, Idan Shachar

Interpreters: Liora Demter, Tikva Wasab, Yoav Chorev, Uriah Tal, Eshchar Cohen, Lolita Mirson

The show is in the honor of Allen Brill, a partner and a friend all along the way.