Say Orange - Nalagaat


A journey to the world of Bat Sheva Revensari, a deaf-blind actress (dual disability). A story about an inspiring challenge is being conveyed theatrically on stage, in a way that illustrates the yearning to create relationships. Childhood memories and moments of crisis of a young girl and adult woman are gathered on stage. Bat Sheva is wandering in a world of images, lights and shadows, creating new and imaginative worlds on stage and using humor to banish darkness and fear.

An interpreter, side by side with the actress, is giving voice to Bat Sheva’s thoughts. The connection between the two is creating a relationship that works in perfect coordination, silently and by voice over touch. The unique complex of expression turns to poetry when the actress makes her way gently from real to fantastic, from personal to universal.

Director: Sarah Sibony
Associate Interpreter: Tikva Wasab
Interpreter: Gili Beit Halahmi \ Aviva Ger
Costume and Set Design: Ofra Mazawa
Music: Alon Peretz
Lighting Design: Shahar Verkazon
Photographer: Hofit Rauchberge

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To accommodate the show for English speaking audience please contact: 972-3-6330997