Prince Rooster - Nalagaat


There is much hustle and bustle in the kingdom far, far away. The prince is about to be married, preparations are all being made and the air is filled with excitement. Suddenly the prince starts behaving as if he were a rooster! What can be done? The wedding is tomorrow!

After all sorts of healing treatments failed to work and just before completely giving up, the royal court embarks on a quest to find the cure: They sail over high waters, march in the deep woods and beyond the black mountain- an adventurous journey. But only when they are far away do they realize that the solution to the prince’s problem has been in front of them the whole time. Once they release their hold over the prince and understand that in times we are all a bit of a “rooster” the great transformation occurs…


The actors are all part of our deaf/hearing impaired and blind/sight impaired staff of waiters at “Nalaggat” center (“Do touch” center). A theatrical ensemble devoted to the vision of our nonprofit organization, which stands to the notion that all are equal yet different.

The play is recommended for the ages of 5-11.

Based on the short story “the Indik”- a story by Rabbi Nachman of Breslev.

Directed, written and created by: Dani Erlich and Adina Tal.
Performed by an ensemble of deaf actors and visually impaired actors
Original music and vocals: Tzvi Tal.
Décor designer: Niv Manor.
Costume designer: Romi Kisilov.
Lighting designer: Ziv Volushin.
Production manager and assistant director: Nehama (Nahche) Perl.
Assistant director: Aviran (Shoko) Adari.