Her inspiring struggle is transmitted in theater language that emphasizes the desire for a relationship between people and the actress as well as the audience. Memories are weaved on stage, childhood images, points of crisis of a young adolescent, woman and young mother. The relationship is created on the stage between Bat Sheva and the translator that gives sound to her voice, creating a relationship working in wonderful conjunction in silence and in sound.

At the end of the show, it is possible to have a panel with the actress, director and translator.

To accommodate the show for English speaking audience please contact: 972-3-6330997

Director: Sarah Sibony | Associate Interpreter: Tikva Wasab | Interpreter: Gili Beit Halahmi \ Aviva Ger | Costume and Set Design: Ofra Mazawa | Music: Alon Peretz | Lighting Design: Shahar Verkazon | Photographer: Hofit Rauchberge

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