Edgar’s fantastic journey, played by a deaf-blind actor, on which he embarks after losing his senses of hearing and sight.  As a result of meetings during his journey with a blind dog (played by a vision impaired actor), a forest formation and a lonely woman (played by a hearing impaired actress), he learns how to recognize and accept himself and the new situation.


Alongside them, in different roles, are three hearing and seeing actresses – translators. The play touches the subject of “the missing senses”, and that is in order to look upon the human situation and the forces working affecting each one of us: the despair and the fear; the escape and the fantasy; compassion and acceptance.

Written and directed by Ofer Amram | Music Yuval Masner | Costume Design Inbal Ben-Zaken | Lighting Design Shachar Werechson | Video Design Yaara Nirel | Set Production Zohar Shoef

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