Nalagaat Center - Groundbreaking Stage


Nalaga’at center, “Please Touch” in Hebrew, crowned by The New York Times as “a simple, universal message, powerfully conveys from the stage”, has established itself as one of the most innovative theaters in the world, and Israel’s leading cultural sites. Nalaga’at, a unique, nonprofit center of culture and arts, is a meeting place for deaf, blind, deaf-blind and the general public. A space that enables an equal dialogue that promotes the needs and aspirations of every person, in the belief that all human beings are equal and every person has the right to make his or her contribution to society.

The center is home for the Nalaga’at Theater, “Blackout” dark restaurant“Kapish” events center and a workshop center. The center offers unique employment opportunities that assist deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals in providing for themselves, while developing their own unique talents, skills and abilities. Over 800,000 people visited our center since its opening in late 2007.

We are pleased to invite you to a unique artistic experience in a diverse cultural journey, that will make you sense and feel like you’ve never did before.




In 1999, The Beth David Institute – Center for Deaf-Blind Persons has established a theater group of deaf-blind. Director Rina Fadwa was chosen for the task and asked Adina Tal to join her. After one year of work, the show “Light is Heard in Zig Zag” was presented on stage. During the years 2001-2002 the show has traveled around Israel and performed 15 times. In December 2002, Adina Tal and Eran Gur has established the Nalagaat nonprofit organization to run the first theater group in the world of deaf-blind actors, and the show “Light is Heard in Zig Zag” continued to be received with great enthusiasm by the audience and the critics in Israel and abroad.


Following the show’s huge success and in order to widen the organization’s activities, we decided to establish a home for the theater group and for our future initiatives. A long search led us to a deserted warehouse in Jaffa port, property of the Armenian Church, which we rented and fully renovated. At the same time, we started rehearsing for a new production by our acting ensemble – “Not by Bread Alone“.


December 2007

The Nalaga’at Center opened to the public with its new show “Not by Bread Alone” preformed by the deaf-blind actors ensemble. Alongside the theater, we opened “Kapish” Event Center, offering meals served by deaf and hearing impaired waiters who invite the guests to communicate beyond words, and “Blackout”, a restaurant where blind and seeing impaired waiters accompany the guests to a meal in total darkness.

December 2007-2015

Since opening the Nalaga’at Center, we hosted over 800,000 visitors from Israel and abroad.

Shortly after opening the center we established a training program designed to train deaf and blind waiters in theater arts. With their participation, we initiated in 2009 the children’s theatrical sign-language workshop “Give a Sign”, and in 2010 we introduced the children’s play “Prince Rooster“. In addition, we developed unique workshops of sign language and activities in the dark.

In 2010, a new multi-cultural group of deaf-blind acting students was set up.

Over the years, Nalaga’at Theater became recognized and appreciated worldwide. The show “Not by Bread Alone” was invited to take part and perform at the LIFT Festival in London, the Festival of Music and Theater in Uijeongb, South Korea, Perth International Arts Festival in Australia, and tours in New York, Zurich, Washington DC and more.

2015 until today

In 2015, Nalaga’at Theater has premiered two new shows featuring deaf-blind actors – “Say Orange“, a journey to the world of Bat Sheva Ravanseri – a deaf-blind actress, directed by Sara Siboni, and “Through the Spirit“, a show which involves sign language with visual theater and circus art featuring 7 deaf-blind actors along with seeing-hearing actors and interpreters, directed by Moshe Malka.

In 2016, a new ensemble of actors was formed towards the production of a new theater show in 2017, directed by Offer Amram.

Join us in continuing the journey on our groundbreaking stage!