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“It’s a test of theater itself, and about the way good work can communicate across the boundaries of darkness and silence.” – Lyn Gardner,  “The Guardian”

Heartbreaking, poignant, yet told without self-pity. There are transcendental moments as they dance, laugh and reach out to us.
The Press ,Jonathan Lovett

Using touch, mime, sign language and music they create a cabaret-style show which is as funny as it is thought-provoking.

Sky news , Lucy McDonald

It seems unthinkable , but watching these man and woman not just cope, but make a show, you swell with admiration.
Carousel of Fantasies, Matt Trueman

An assemblage of the memories, hopes and yearnings that nourish the human spirit. Their stories are simply affecting.
Times, Sam Marlowe

“Not by Bread alone” is an utter triumph.
The JC , John Nathan

“Not By Bread Alone” is an extraordinary theatrical event.
The Independent , Kate Basset

Joy, animation and musicianship comes over with extraordinary spontaneity and liveliness.
Reviews Gate, Carole Waddis

They’re blind, deaf-and brilliant…certainly one of the most remarkable, most humbling and most profoundly affecting theatrical experiences you will ever have.
The Mail on Sunday, Georgina Brown

Igor Osherov and Marc Yarosky are slapstick clowns , Bat Sheva Revansery delivers a lovely vignette…”Not By Bread Alone” is also a unique affirmation of our capacity to connect with each other in the darkest most silent places.

It’s a mind-stretching experience as much as a piece of theatre 
TimeOut , Jane Edwards

The group’s precision ,timing and rhythm is a wonder to behold, “Not By Bread Alone”is an emotional tribute to the human spirit.

Because although all the performers are deaf-blind there is nothing to be patronised here, Adina Tal and the company have created a production that would impress under ordinary circumstances, as it is this piece is extraordinary.

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