Q&A - Nalagaat

The Blackout Restaurant is a kosher dairy restaurant under the Kashrut of the Rabbinate of Tel Aviv.

How can I make reservations to the Blackout restaurant?

Please make reservations at least 3-4 days in advance. For Thursdays that are usually busy we recommend to reserve a week in advance.

Call +972-3-6330808 ext.1 or email theater1@nalagaat.org.il

Please indicate name, phone number, number of people and requested date and time.

Sending an email does not constitute a reservation! One of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

What are the activity hours? 

Restaurant is open Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and holds two seetings – 6:30pm and 9:00pm.

Lunch is available at any time for groups of 25+ people. For more details: sales@nalagaat.org.il

What does the meal include?

The 06:30 pm dinner includes

House bread, main course and dessert.

The 09:00 pm dinner includes :

Aperitif, house bread, first course, main course, and dessert.

How do I order my meal?

Before entering the restaurant, the host/ess will tell you about our menu and take your order of one dish per each seat reserved in the restaurant (it is not an option to share a dish). You may ask for a surprise menu in which you will get a dish that does not appear on our menu according to the choice of the chef.

Is there a vegan menu? Or a menu that is gluten free?

In the Blackout restaurant we do have an option for a vegan and/or gluten free menu. If you are interested in one of these menus please let us know in advance. Please let as know of any allergies or food sensitivities in advance, as well.

How do I get to the Na Laga’at Center?

Our address is:

The Na Laga’at Center, Ratzif HaAliya Hashnia, Jaffa Port


Jaffa port parking

There is free public parking, and it is very important to be here on time.

Can I have dinner at the Blackout restaurant and see a show of the Nalaga’at Theater in the same evening?

Absolutely! There are two options:

Dine at the 6:30pm seating and watch the show at 8:30pm

Watch the show at 8:30pm and dine at 10:00pm

Is there anything else important that I should know?

Of course! The seating arrangements in our restaurant is very specific: since our waiters are blind or hard of seeing the tables are set in the same way every night to help them with the positioning of the guests in the restaurant. In light of this you might be seating at a table with other guests in the restaurant, but this does not at all make the experience any less enjoyable.  If we would have not told you, you might have not even noticed.


In any case of changes or if you would like to cancel / change your reservation please get contact us with your reservation number.

We will be glad to see you soon,

The Blackout Restaurant ,Na Laga’at Center