Movement Workshop in the Dark - Nalagaat

Movement Workshop in the Dark:

An experiential workshop, delivered by a trained instructor from the world of motion, blind or visually impaired Instructors, employees of the Nalaga’at Center. The workshop takes place in complete darkness and gives the participants the opportunity to disconnect from the everyday visual stimulations surrounding them. The workshop simulates a mode of blindness, allowing the body and mind to release inhibitions while moving. During the workshop, the participants experience various exercises including: communication via hand contact, various physical exercises, dancing in the dark, etc. A unique and playful environment and an unforgettable experience.

Who are the target audiences: The Nalaga’at Workshop Center is open to all audiences as we believe in adapting each program and its content to the needs of any group:

– Youth in formal and informal education organizations and programs.

– Teachers and students.

– Youth councils and special empowerment groups.

– Executives and staff of organizations and businesses.Youth movements.

– Private groups and special events.


For more information and reservations, please contact:

Ron Ben-Amotz, Sales Director
Nalaga’at Center – +972-3-6330808

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