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Maga’im Program

“Maga’im” Contact Program:

A powerful experiential day, combining a variety of workshops, all taking place at Nalaga’at Center and delivered by professional instructors, blind and/or deaf instructors of Nalaga’at. Participants will be divided into small groups and will move from one space to another, experiencing different workshops in each space. The “Blackout space”, our very own professional theater stage, workshop space, and backstage actor’s room. The participants will face their different strengths and weaknesses, in exceptional situations, receiving a once in a lifetime empowering experience. At the end of the day, participants will feel a renewed sense of self acceptance, empowerment and motivation.

Who are the target audiences: The Nalaga’at Workshop Center is open to all audiences as we believe in adapting each program and its content to the needs of any group:

– Youth in formal and informal education organizations and programs.

– Teachers and students.

– Youth councils and special empowerment groups.

– Executives and staff of organizations and businesses.Youth movements.

– Private groups and special events.


Suggested Schedule (to be adjusted according to the group needs and focus):

Four simultanious activity stations, each putting a different spotlight on the focus subject and relevant contents. Each station is instructed by professional group leaders, blind and/or deaf instructors. At the end of the day, the participants will regroup to share and process the outcomes of the activity, allowing the group leader to summarize according to the focus contetns.

09:00 | Assembly | Coffee and pastries

09:30 | Opening conversation and dividing to groups

10:00 | Movement Workshop in the Dark

11:00 | All the World’s Stage Theater Workshop

12:00 | Lunch at the Kapish Event Center

13:00 | Israeli Sign Language Workshop

14:00 | Meeting with an actor of the Nalaga’at Theater

15:00 | Regroup for summary

Other activities can be added throughout the day: watching a full show of the Nalaga’at Theater, lunch at the Blackout Dark Restaurant, group contents and any other workshop that the center offers.


For more information and reservations, please contact:

Sivan Melnik-Yaniv
Nalaga’at Center – +972-3-6330808

Nalaga’at is a nonprofit organization. All proceeds go towards maintaining its activity and promoting its goals | All of the Nalaga’at Workshops are an hour long | Minimum of 40 people for a private meal | All of the workshops are delivered in Hebrew or English, by demand | Koshe-Dairy | Free parking at the Jaffa port parking lot.