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Workshops Development and Professional Trainings

The Nalaga’at Workshop Center was officially launched in 2014 as an educational method to promote awareness to people with disabilities, to develop new employment opportunities for people with disabilities as workshop instructors, and to strengthen the financial stability of the organization by expanding the variety of activities offered to the public.

The workshops are intended for all populations (young and older students, educational staff, executives and corporate staff and others) and combine a cultural experience with a direct encounter with people with disabilities, personal and group processing of the experience, developing social awareness and leading to activism and social change with emphasis on groundbreaking culture.

All of the workshops are led by instructors with disabilities, professional group leaders and content experts in multiple fields. All of the instructors are professionally trained in house.

Nalaga’at serves in a unique model of integration of people with disabilities in the society and strives to maintain an accessible environment to all of its employees and visitors. According to this principal, the operational budget of the Workshop Center involves extremely high costs of accessibility (in addition to the employment and training costs): adapted transportation for people with disabilities, sign language interpreters, and physical accessibility of the building, psychological and social staff, and more.

The Workshop Center currently offers 10 different professional workshops, and constantly continues to develop new programs and trainings. We invite you to support this unique project that provides employment and professional training for tens of instructors with disabilities, and that creates another stage for equal dialogues with the general public that lead to social awareness.